Doncaster Art Fair Exhibition 2021

My artwork Despair is now featured in the Doncaster Art Fair online exhibition Art as a Response to Mental Health 2021. To view the exhibition visit If you would like to vote on the artwork, please select the image and click the heart icon. Voting closes 12th June 2021 Many thanks.

The exhibition is in it’s second year and explores how people around the world turn to art as a means to respond to various mental health challenges. The exhibition gives a different voice to those who are struggling mentally, by providing a way to communicate through their art. My piece was made at a difficult time in my life but I am proud for sharing my story behind the piece with the world.

These are difficult times and now really is the time to speak out about mental health. If you are struggling please try to talk to someone; you are not alone. If you can’t speak to friends or family please speak to organisations such as MIND.

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